A Scarred Rancher’s Burnt Past – Extended Epilogue


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The air was thick with the scent of anticipation as Lisa’s heart thrummed against her chest. Her gaze, usually so steady and sure, flickered across the faces gathered around, searching for that one face that would reopen chapters of her life she thought were penned and closed. Then, through the cloud of dust kicked up by the approaching buggy, she saw him—her father.

His frame was still broad and imposing, blacksmith muscles apparent even beneath the loose fabric of his travel-worn shirt. The reins were clutched in hands that had known the heat of the forge and the tenderness of holding his late wife. As he drew closer, Lisa felt the familiar flutter of nerves that used to besiege her whenever she sought his approval.

He dismounted with an air of uncertainty, his eyes searching until they fell on Lisa. Her breath caught; she hadn’t seen him for so long, as their only contact was their reconciliation through heartfelt letters exchanged across the distance that once seemed insurmountable. Now he stood before her, the embodiment of her past and the harbinger of her future.

“Lisa,” her father called out as he stepped down from the buggy, his voice unexpectedly soft, roughened by the road and, perhaps, emotions long suppressed. She held her breath, as the man who had once been her entire world approached.

She met him halfway, her hand instinctively hiding behind her back, concealing the remnant of a childhood tragedy. Despite their reconciliation, old habits clung like burrs on wool.

“Pa,” Lisa managed, her voice steadier than she felt but revealing the storm of emotions brewing within—hope, fear, forgiveness. “It’s good to see you here.”

His gaze softened as it rested on her, and there was a moment where only the two of them existed in the warm embrace of the dying light. “I’ve been a fool,” he began, his voice cracking like dry earth after a drought. “A stubborn old mule, blinded by my own pain. Your letters… they opened my eyes. I see the strength in you, Lisa, the same strength your mother had.”

Tears brimmed in Lisa’s eyes as the weight of years lifted off her shoulders. She could feel the eyes of Derek and the others on them, their presence a comforting backdrop to this pivotal scene.

“Can you forgive an old man for his mistakes?” her father continued, reaching out a calloused hand.

Lisa looked down at her own hand, hidden away as though it were something to be ashamed of. With a deep breath, she revealed it, scars and all, and placed it in his. “There’s nothing to forgive,” she whispered, her voice thick with tears. “You’re here now.”

He nodded, the simple act seeming to cost him the weight of all his pride. “I know I’ve made mistakes, Lisa. Mistakes that no amount of time or labor at the forge could mend.” His gaze dropped to his calloused hands before finding hers again. “But I’m here now, hoping it ain’t too late to support you in this new life you built… to be the father you deserve.”

“Thank you, Pa,” Lisa whispered, her heart swelling with a strange cocktail of forgiveness and cautious joy. She took a step forward, bridging the gap between them with resolve born of years of yearning. “I reckon we got some lost time to make up for.”

Lisa felt Derek watching from a short distance, giving her a reassuring smile that made her heart flutter. “Welcome, sir,” Derek said as he approached, his voice warm with sincerity. “It seems we have much to celebrate today.”

And indeed, they did.

The old barn had finally been repaired and rebuilt, with help from friends and family. Lisa and Derek had felt a small celebration was fitting for the occasion, both as thanks for the help they received and as a moment to mark the start of a new chapter for the ranch.

Lisa was about to say more, but a soft bark echoed through the crowd. Miles, Derek’s faithful border collie, his black and white coat shimmering in the sun, pranced around with a playful energy that was infectious.

His tongue lolled out in a panting smile, and he seemed to take it upon himself to welcome every newcomer with a sniff and a nuzzle. Close on his heels scampered a new addition to their family—a plucky little puppy with a patchwork of tawny fur and boundless curiosity. Lisa and Derek had found him abandoned near the creek, and now, here he was, tumbling in the grass, yipping at Miles’s tail fearlessly.

The little creature immediately began a clumsy expedition among the guests’ boots, eliciting a chorus of delighted chuckles and coos from the onlookers. Its tiny wagging tail spread infectious joy throughout the gathering. Lisa’s eyes sparkled as she watched Derek kneel down to introduce the puppy to her father.

“Meet Butterscotch,” Derek announced with a grin, presenting the wriggling pup to the older man. “The latest addition to our growing family.”

“Looks like them dogs have taken to each other just fine,” Lisa remarked, her voice tinged with affection as she watched the two canines masterfully dodge between boots and skirts. The puppy’s clumsy antics brought gentle laughter from the group, soothing the remnants of earlier tension and knitting the fabric of camaraderie tighter among them. Butterscotch seemed to be particularly fascinated by Lisa’s father, much to her amusement. The man looked like he didn’t quite know how to handle the puppy’s attention.

The air itself seemed to hug them close, warm and sweet with the scent of freshly baked apple pies and honey cakes that had been laid out on wooden tables nearby. Wildflowers picked by the local children festooned the scene, their vibrant colors splashed against the backdrop of the vast Montana sky. Pinks, yellows, and purples danced in the breeze, nodding their heads as if in approval of the evening’s heartfelt revelations.

“Reckon you could bake a pie that rivals April’s one day?” Derek teased gently, sidling up to Lisa and gesturing toward the dessert table with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“Maybe,” Lisa responded with a grin, “but only if you promise to keep the pups out of the kitchen. Last thing we need is a pie that tastes more like dog hair than apples.”

Their shared laughter mingled with the rustle of grass and the distant whinny of horses, wrapping the gathering in a cocoon of contentment and quiet joy. This was home—a place where past grievances could find their resolution and where the future held the promise of growth, love, and life in all its untamed beauty.

The sun dipped lower in the sky, casting golden hues over the faces of friends and family gathered around. Lisa’s gaze found Tom and April, their arms cradling something far more precious than any treasure the expansive Montana land could offer—a tiny bundle wrapped in soft blankets, a testament to their love and the life they were building together.

“Would you look at that,” Lisa whispered, her eyes misting with emotion as she watched the couple greet well-wishers. Tom, usually so stoic and reserved, had a softness about him now, his smile reaching his eyes as he held his son close. April, radiant and beaming, seemed to glow with maternal pride.

“Little Joseph is going to have the best life,” Lisa said aloud, only half-aware she’d spoken until Derek’s hand squeezed hers reassuringly. The group’s chorus of congratulations rose above the hum of evening insects, each voice woven into a symphony of genuine happiness for the new parents.

Derek stood beside Lisa, his presence a comforting constant. She felt his eyes on her often, watching, ensuring she was at ease amidst the gathering that had so recently included a reunion with her once-estranged father. His burns, scars from a past filled with loss and heartache, did nothing to mar the kindness in his gaze or the gentleness of his touch.

“Are you alright?” Derek asked, his voice low enough to be for her ears only, a private tether between them amidst the public celebration.

“More than alright,” Lisa answered, leaning into the solid warmth of his side. His arm came around her, not just an embrace but a shield, a promise. She knew then that whatever storms might come, they would weather them together—as partners, as lovers, as equals.

“Look at ’em,” Derek nodded toward Tom and April, his voice tinged with something that sounded like hope. “Tom’s finally got himself a family.”

“And you’ve got yourself a nephew,” Lisa teased gently, basking in the light of Derek’s rare, unguarded smile.

“Guess I do,” he murmured, his thumb tracing circles on the back of her hand, a silent language that spoke of love and shared dreams.

“Tom’s going to be a good father,” Derek said, his voice carrying a mixture of pride and something wistful that tugged at Lisa’s heart. “He’s got the heart for it, always did.”

She saw, in that moment, the boy who had once needed his older brother just as much as the ranch had. The man who had grown from that loss, now understanding the value of family anew. Derek’s protective nature wasn’t just reserved for her; it was woven into the fabric of his being, extending to the nephew he’d only just begun to know.

“Looks like he’s not the only one with a big heart,” Lisa responded, stepping closer to him, her voice teasing. “You’re going to be quite the uncle yourself, you know. Spoiling him rotten, I bet.” Her eyes danced with mischief, hinting at their secret yet to be shared.

His chuckle was low, rumbling through the quiet evening air. “Now, wouldn’t that be something? Uncle Derek,” he mused, trying the words on for size. “I reckon I could get used to that.”

“Get used to it quickly,” Lisa urged playfully, her own excitement bubbling beneath the surface, ready to overflow at just the right moment. She reveled in the anticipation, seeing the future they were building together reflected in Derek’s eyes: full of love, laughter, and family.

“Reckon I will,” Derek agreed, his smile broadening, a spark of joy igniting in his eyes as if he sensed there was more behind her words than she let on.

“Reckon you should, as there’ll be a lot more to get used to” she whispered back, her heart swelling with love for this man who had stepped out of the shadows of his past to embrace a brighter tomorrow

Lisa drew in a steadying breath, her fingers intertwined with Derek’s as they stood at the edge of the bustling gathering. She could feel the warmth of his calloused hand, the gentle squeeze telling her he was there, always her rock.

“Darlin’, you’ve got that look,” Derek said softly, his gaze tender and questioning. “The one that says you’re fixin’ to change my world.”

She felt a flutter in her belly, a sensation that had become both familiar and exhilarating over the past few weeks. It was time. With a gentle tug, she led him away from the crowd, beneath the boughs of an old oak tree that had witnessed countless seasons of change.

“Because I am,” Lisa confessed, her voice barely above a whisper as she looked up into Derek’s scarred yet striking face, a testament to his strength and survival. “I’m pregnant, Derek. We’re going to have a baby.”

For a moment, Derek was silent, his blue eyes searching hers as if to find the truth of her words written there. Then, as understanding dawned, his expression transformed, a smile breaking like dawn across his features. He pulled her into his arms, his embrace enveloping her in the safety and warmth she had come to associate only with him.

“Lisa, I—” His voice cracked with emotion. “This is… we’re goin’ to be parents?”

“Parents,” she echoed, her heart swelling with love for the man before her, whose life had been marked by loss but now brimmed with the hope of the life they would create together.

“God has truly blessed me with you,” Derek murmured, his lips finding hers in a kiss that spoke volumes of their shared future, of love that had triumphed over adversity.

Hand in hand, they returned to the group, their faces alight with the secret they carried. The laughter and chatter quieted as everyone turned to them, sensing the shift in the air.

“Family, friends,” Lisa began, her voice steady despite the thunderous beating of her heart. “We have some news to share.”

Derek’s arm wrapped protectively around her waist, his presence a silent vow of support. A collective hush fell upon the group, the anticipation palpable.

“We’re expectin’,” she announced, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears of joy. “A little one will be joinin’ us soon.”

A cheer erupted, the sound rolling through the evening like a wave. Tom clapped Derek on the back, his own eyes misty with the happiness of recent fatherhood, while April rushed to Lisa’s side, her hands clasping Lisa’s with sisterly affection.

“Looks like our family’s growin’ once more,” Tom said, his voice thick with emotion.

“Congratulations, darlin’,” April added, her smile radiant. “You two are goin’ to make wonderful parents.”

As the group enveloped them in a sea of congratulations, hugs, and well-wishes, Lisa leaned into Derek, feeling the strength of his embrace. In his eyes, she saw not just the reflection of their love, but a future filled with the laughter of children, the warmth of their home, and the unyielding bond of the family they were building together.

“Thank you,” Lisa whispered, her voice carrying the weight of their shared journey—the sorrow they had overcome, the love they had fostered, and the life they would nurture together.

“Thank you,” Derek echoed, his voice resolute, his gaze never leaving hers. “For everything.”

Just as the laughter began to settle, and the warm glow of the setting sun cast a soft amber light upon the faces of friends and family, a new arrival drew Lisa’s attention. With a smile as bright as the Montana sky, Mary came striding towards the gathering, her father in tow.

“Lisa!” Mary called out, waving her hand with unbridled enthusiasm. The sight of her dear friend, whose visits were as rare as rain in high summer, filled Lisa’s heart with an unexpected surge of joy.

“Mary!” Lisa exclaimed, her voice laced with excitement. She disentangled herself from the group and hurried over, her eyes sparkling with delight. “I didn’t reckon you’d make it!”

“Wouldn’t have missed it for the world,” Mary replied, embracing Lisa tightly. Her father, a genial man with lines of kindness etched deep into his face, nodded his approval and joined the others in offering his congratulations.

“Looks like our family just got a little bigger today,” Derek commented warmly as he watched the reunion, his arm still possessively wrapped around Lisa’s waist.

Mary’s father chuckled, “Well, I suppose that makes me an honorary uncle now, doesn’t it?”

“Indeed, it does,” Derek agreed, the twinkle in his eye reflecting the affection he held for everyone present.

As twilight descended upon them, casting long shadows across the land, the feeling of unity was palpable. Derek stepped closer to Lisa, his presence a comforting shield against the chill of the evening breeze. He could feel the gentle fluttering of her heart through the thin fabric of her dress, each beat a testament to their shared elation.

“Tonight feels like a dream,” Lisa murmured, leaning back against him, her gaze sweeping over the faces of those they loved.

“It’s our reality, Lisa,” Derek assured her, his voice a low rumble of contentment. “Our love, this baby, our future—it’s all real.”

“Real and wonderful,” she added, her hand resting on the slight swell of her belly, imagining the life growing within.

The group drew together, forming a circle around Lisa and Derek, their laughter mingling with the soft rustle of wildflowers in the breeze. In that moment, surrounded by the people who mattered most, Lisa felt the true depth of their bond.

“Here’s to new beginnings,” Tom proposed, lifting his glass in a toast.

“New beginnings,” the chorus echoed back, glasses raised high against the backdrop of the darkening sky.

“New beginnings,” Lisa whispered, her voice barely audible over the steady thrum of crickets in the distance. She looked up at Derek, seeing in his scars not just the pain of the past, but the resilience and love that had brought them to this precious moment.

“New beginnings,” Derek concurred, bending down to press a kiss to her forehead, sealing their promise to each other and to the future that awaited them.

And as the stars began to pepper the night sky, Lisa knew that no matter what trials lay ahead, they would face them together—with the love of their family, the strength of their bond, and the unyielding spirit of the wild, beautiful land that was their home.


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  2. I enjoyed reading this book with all the characters. The extended epilogue was amazing with her father coming to see her and the changes that had taken place in all their lives.

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