The Rancher’s Silent Love – Extended Epilogue


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1 Year Later 

Grace stood on her tiptoes as she tried to see over the horizon. A warm summer breeze blew threw her hair, and she laid a hand on her stomach. It was simply enormous. The baby kicked at her hand, and a slow smile spread across her face.

You aren’t here yet, but you’re already loved beyond all comprehension.

As she looked down at her belly, Samuel’s arms encircled her from behind.

“How’s my beautiful wife?” His breath tickled her ear, and she swayed in his arms.

“I’m alright.” 

“That’s not good. I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re as happy as can be.”
She nudged him with her elbow, and he chuckled. They stood there for a moment, staring out at the ranch. It was a beautiful day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the animals were out grazing in the field.

“Are you nervous?” Samuel’s voice was soft and pensive.

Grace sighed. “I don’t know how to feel. It’s been over a year since I saw them. What if they’re still angry with me?”
Once the dust had settled after the gun fight in the saloon, Grace and Samuel had been inseparable. He hadn’t let her out of his sight for the next week. It was as if he’d been glued to her side. She didn’t mind one bit as she was floating on a cloud of love the entire time.

When they got home, she had come clean and told him the full truth. To her amazement, he wasn’t angry with her. He even understood why she had kept it a secret. They both wanted to move on, so they agreed to let the past go. However, Grace still needed to patch things up with her parents.

She wrote to explain to them what had happened with Michael Warren. Their response had come only about a month later. It still brought tears to her eyes.

Our Darling Grace, 

We have been extremely foolish. If we had known how terrible Michael Warren was, we would never have pushed you to marry him. You’ve shown us that you’re perfectly capable of arranging your own affairs. We would like to come visit as soon as possible, to meet your beloved husband and see your home for ourselves. 

Their letter had rambled on for a few more pages. Each word had filled her heart with love. All she wanted was to hug them and hold them close again. However, she knew she needed time to set up her household, and get used to being a wife.

She asked them to wait before they came to visit as she needed to find out who she was without them around. Although they had been obviously hurt, they had respected her wishes. Finally, when she had gotten pregnant, she had known that she couldn’t endure childbirth without her mother and sister by her side.

As soon as her stomach started rounding out, she sent an invitation for her family to join her at the ranch for a few weeks. They had agreed to come for as long as she would have them.

Amy had sent an enthusiastic letter.

Dearest Grace,

The air at home is positively electric. Our parents are beside themselves with joy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this happy before. I can hardly believe that soon I shall be an aunt! Why, the other girls are simply green with jealousy. They’re all asking if I’ll take them with me on my adventure out west. I told them that no such thing shall happen, as I couldn’t bear to share your attention with anyone else!

For months, Grace had been counting down the days until she would finally see her family again. Now, the day had finally arrived, and she was filled with an indescribable happiness.

How are you feeling?” 

Samuel chuckled. “I’m extremely nervous! Your father is surely going to be furious with me for helping you escape from under his nose.”

“How could he be angry with the man who saved my life?” 

Samuel turned her so that she was looking at him. His cheeks were flushed, and he bit his bottom lip. Her heart swelled as she looked at his face. He was still her greatest blessing. All her life, she’d dreamed of a home of her own. She’d never dared to dream that she would have such a wonderful husband. He exceeded every expectation and made her feel like the most important woman on the planet.

“I didn’t save your life. You did that! If you hadn’t stabbed that fool in the leg, we might still be in a standoff in that saloon.”

Grace let out a surprised laugh. He was always modest when they spoke about the night that he had rescued her from Michael Warren. They never saw Michael again. The sheriff had arrested him for kidnapping, and he’d been sent to prison before they could talk to him. Grace was happy about that. If she never saw him again, it would still be too soon.

“If you hadn’t come after me, I never would have gotten away from him. Who knows where I’d be now?”

Samuel shuddered visibly and shook his head. “Don’t talk about such things. I can’t bear it. You’re here with me, and that’s all that matters. No one will ever get between us again!”

“Well, aren’t you two sweet?” Ethan groused as he walked out onto the porch. “Stop before you give me a sore tooth!”

Samuel and Grace shared an amused look while Samuel rolled his eyes. When they had gotten back to the ranch after the climactic confrontation with Michael, Grace had urged Samuel to make peace with his brother. It had been a slow, agonizing process, but they were finally able to be in the same room without fighting.

“You’re just jealous,” Samuel pointed out. “I won the ultimatum!”

Ethan shook his head in amusement. “That doesn’t matter anymore. We agreed to split the ranch in half regardless of who won the ultimatum.”

“Yes, but I’m still technically the winner and I’ll use it as bragging rights for a long time.”

Ethan scoffed, but it was a good-natured sound.

“Don’t go down this road again,” Grace warned. “I won’t have you two fighting while my family is here.” 

“You should tell him that.” Ethan held his hands up in surrender. “He’s the one who started it!”

Ethan had gone through great pains to learn sign language so that he could communicate with Grace. It was one of the things that endeared him to Samuel. They still had a long way to go with their relationship, but things were promising.

Before she could respond, she heard the clattering of the wagon behind her. She turned and clasped her hands together when she saw her family approaching. Ol’ Daniel had gone to fetch them at the train station in Cumberland.

When she spotted her family, she waved her arms wildly.

“Careful, darling,” Samuel said, reaching out as if to catch her. “You need to watch out now. You’ve had more difficult moving lately.

“Give her some space, Samuel. You’ll smother her.” Ethan chided. “You already kept her from going to the train station.”

Grace had wanted to meet her family at the train station, but she was a few days away from giving birth. Samuel was extremely overprotective and refused to let her travel in the wagon. He had also decided to stay with her because he couldn’t bear to leave her in her condition.

She knew he still felt anxious when he had to leave her, and the pregnancy had magnified those feelings. Thankfully, Ol’ Daniel had stepped in and had volunteered to fetch them. Jedidiah had gone with because he wanted to get a few things in town.

“Grace!” Amy squealed. She had a ribbon in her hand and waved it enthusiastically.

Grace’s breath caught in her throat. When she had left her sister, Amy had still looked like a little girl. Since then, her face had filled out and she had grown substantially. She looked like a young woman.
When the wagon came to a stop, Amy jumped off the wagon and ran to Grace. Within seconds, Grace and Amy were tightly intertwined in a loving embrace.

“Careful, you’ll hurt the baby,” Samuel reminded them.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Amy pulled back and put a hand on Grace’s belly, then turned to Samuel. “I simply forgot myself. Please forgive me. You must be Samuel. It’s nice to finally meet you.”
Samuel grinned and hugged Amy. “I’ve heard so much about you. It feels as though we already know each other.”

“I feel the same way!” Amy’s eyes sparkled, and Grace was overcome by a wave of love.

As she looked at Amy and Samuel, she felt eyes on her. She looked over at her parents who were standing awkwardly next to the wagon. They looked at her apprehensively, and her cheeks burned. She put her hands behind her back, conscious of how big she was. It was as if she was transported back in time, and was a little child waiting for her parents to scold her.

Samuel looked between them and smiled sweetly. “Welcome to our ranch,” he said, walking over to them. “It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“Likewise,” Marian said breathlessly, staring at Samuel with wide eyes.

Grace slowly made her way to them. She struggled to walk properly with her belly. When she got to them, her mother stepped forward with an expression of wonder.

“My baby…” Marian’s voice caught in her throat, and she wrapped her arms around Grace.

Tears streamed down Grace’s face as she breathed in her mother’s familiar scent.

“I’m so terribly sorry for what we did to you my girl,” her father said, wringing his hands.

Grace took a step back from her mother and shook her head. “No. You don’t need to be sorry anymore. Let’s move on. We have a happier future waiting for us.” 

“Oh.” Marian covered her mouth with her hand and began crying quietly.

“You’ve always been wise beyond your years,” Howard said, his eyes sparkling with unshed tears. “We’re grateful to have such brilliant daughters.”

Grace laughed and hugged him tightly.

“Well, Samuel,” Howard turned to look at him. “We have a lot to discuss. I want to see your entire operation. Over these next few weeks, you’re going to be overwhelmed as a new father. I plan on being as much help as possible.”

Samuel’s eyes widened but he inclined his head respectfully.

“Come inside,” Grace signed. “Reed and his new wife have prepared a wonderful feast for us. We have a lot to discuss!

The group made their way inside. The aroma of roast beef met them, and Grace’s mouth began watering. Samuel laughed when she shot him a desperate look.

“Grace has been craving beef something fierce these past few weeks. Let’s feed her.”

She smiled shyly as everyone laughed. Amy walked up to Grace and linked their arms.

“I’m so proud of you, Grace,” Amy whispered. “You’ve built something beautiful here.”

“Thank you, Amy. And someday, you’ll build a wonderful life for yourself too. Who knows, you might even be compelled to join me out west!” 

“We’ll see,” Amy said with a laugh. “I’m a city girl through and through. But I’ll always come visit!”

Grace patted her sister’s hand affectionately. She couldn’t wait to spend the next few weeks with her. And she was especially looking forward to meeting her dear child.

As they made their way to the dinner table, Grace couldn’t help but look around and smile. Her life was all but perfect, and she couldn’t have been more grateful.


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